Why These Programs

Why are these programs different?

Soul Sanctuary™ is unique in that we share the PROCESS of HOW to develop your mindset of concrete belief and INTUITION.  There are many fantastic programs that teach you what to learn and some tools to help you get there.  Laura Michelle has traveled all over the world, across Europe, India, Latin America, Canada and all over the US; seeking enlightenment through many courses, workshops, classes and teachers, and I have found that there is a unifying thread running through all of these modalities. This thread, is the actual PROCESS of developing one’s intuition. However, she was unable to find anyone teaching the PROCESS of HOW to develop your intuition and was led to develop the program for you.

With Laura Michelle’s guidance and the specific structure of these programs, they will all combine to help you discover your uniqueness to find your purpose and navigate your life. Everyone’s purpose and path in life is different. The tools that assist you on your journey may be different than someone else’s, and that is the beauty of these programs.  Moreover, there are exercises – to put your learning into practice, Laura Michelle’s personal guidance and a specific framework for each individual to realize their full potential.

Learn from an Experienced Professional, Laura Michelle’s

My life’s purpose is utilizing my gifts and abilities in the service of others. Intuitive (Psychic-Medium) since childhood, I have many abilities that have been fostered throughout the years. I have embarked on honing these abilities and increasing the efforts to provide service to others. For many years, I was the platform medium at metaphysical churches and also attended a structured weekly mediumship development, healing, and spirituality class. As a result, for over 40 years, these abilities and the messages have intensified and become extremely lucid; which has propelled me to share this process with the world.

Over the years, in my plight for knowledge, I have attended numerous workshops and structured programs to hone my craft, and allowed me to always teach the most cutting-edge material.

Learn more about Laura Michelle’s credentials and her endeavors for global enlightenment.


What value do these programs offer?

It has taken many years, and a large financial investment to travel and attend an enormous amount of workshops and classes, to extract the simple PROCESS thread, running through all of these modalities. In addition, it is taken insight and intuition to reveal the simple golden thread to share with you. Moreover, in all my endeavors to globally find enlightenment, I couldn’t locate anyone teaching how the PROCESS works to develop your intuition. Each and every time I implored the teacher to share the “how” or the “process” with me, unfortunately they were unable to articulate the granularity that I was looking for. Therefore, I thought that there may be others who were also seeking this information.

As a result, with the guidance of Spirit, I have diligently worked to produce these programs in various forms such as audio and visual, since I am a visual learner, and others may be as well. The outcome of all of these efforts, were very simple, yet; in-depth, lengthy programs. The Everyday Intuition Program is approximately six to pay eight months in length, the Deep Soul Transformation Program is approximately a year and a half in length and the Sacred Intent™ Program is approximately two and a half to three years in length.

In my travels, I have come across many in the metaphysical world that seem to have personal challenges when it comes to energy exchange. Attributable to the guidance of Spirit, it is fitting to place value the guidance and information that Spirit provides and therefore, the energy exchange of that, comes from clients in the form of monetary means. I also had to come to terms with this. I absolutely respect and value the guidance Spirit has given me for these programs and my highest desire is that you will find the essential value in them that I did. This is the whole reason that I have been driven to share these programs with the world.


What will you learn?

The foundational program will teach you the mindset of concrete belief and the process in The Fundamentals Program of the Top 1%.  Each of the other programs will teach you how the PROCESS works to develop your intuition, in all aspects of your life. There are a lot of intuitive individuals that have many gifts to share with the world, but I have found that the particular challenge, is to understand, how to convey this process. After many years of research, I have found a simple method to teach others this PROCESS to develop their own intuition, at a master level.


What will we accomplish?

In each program, it is important to work in order as the course was developed to ensure you can reach your goals. Each of the courses will start out with the fundamentals that are essential to move forward in your development, which will allow you to achieve a mastery level of your intuition.

Transform your life and ENROLL today!


What makes up each program?

The order of the PROCESS has been established over many years, from previous programs and feedback from students of those programs. Each of the modules builds upon the next, with exercises, to allow participants to experience and practice what they’ve just learned.

To become the Top 1% in all facets of your life, your old belief system will need to be SHATTERED!

What is the difference between the proverbial, financially secure Top 1% and the rest of the 99% in the world? You will need to SHATTER your old belief system and learn a new simple process to achieve all of your goals.

That is the core learning or concrete belief that has to be obtained for all of these programs to work. If you are not willing to turn belief on its head, then these programs will not be beneficial for you.

What is actually meant by this provocative statement? If there is a process whether, consciously or unconsciously, that the Top 1% follow through with to achieve all of their goals, why isn’t everyone doing it? Absolutely, let’s shift that mindset and add the 99% to the 1% to make us all 100% successful. As a result, these beliefs/goals include financial security, successful relationships, and in reality, this process positively impacts every facet of their life.

I know that this line of thinking is not altruistically metaphysical, but to be successful in all facets of your life, various new tools need to be introduced for sustained growth. Yes, some of these tools may seem to be a far stretch for some, but for the truly open-minded, the sky’s the limit! I have found this foundational tool to be so impactful, to genuinely see success in all areas of your life that it is necessary to master.

For example, according to the fiscaltimes.com, to be considered in the financial Top 1%, you would make 43 times the average amount of income than the bottom 99%. That is a staggeringly wide gap. What if closing that gap were as simple as learning the process that the top 1% are using? Well it is!

If you are not willing to embrace all the processes, then, unfortunately, you will not be successful these programs. I’m sharing this up front with you, so that the truly committed to making a difference in their lives are knowledgeable where to do so. I am more than willing to share the insight, guide and mentor those willing to actually be open to the process, which will thoroughly transform them through these programs.



How these programs impact your business and your bottom line

Businessmen/CEOs usually call their instincts, a “gut instinct”, or “going with their gut” when they predict future business cycles. This “sense” of which direction a business is headed or the future strength of the stock market is engaged on a daily basis by businessman globally, which is intuition. Moreover, these instincts are not limited to assumptions like, what actions the Federal government will take, and more specifically; what level consumer confidence will be about their products in the coming year. CEOs engage in decisions about acquisitions and mergers, which portions of the business to sell off, and investments in capital equipment.

Decades ago, a study was conducted with top-level leaders regarding their intuition. This study found that among the mangers tested, the top-level leaders scored higher on intuition than those ranking lower in the corporate hierarchy. In addition, the top-level leaders typically digested all of the relevant information first, but when the data was incomplete or confusing, they immediately shifted to intuitive decision-making approaches. When interviewed, and asked why this type of decision making was not readily shared with their colleagues, they admitted that they preferred to be thought of as leaders guided solely by reason.

To further expound upon this idea, the financial meltdown of 2008 illustrated that CEOs who relied on their intuition, steered clear of risky subprime and prime mortgages. However, it is important to learn to incorporate tools into your daily practices that help minimize greed which can neutralize and steer one away from their inherent intuition.

There were also some studies conducted in the 70s over a ten year period, of CEOs that were asked to guess a number that didn’t exist yet. Then, a randomly computer-generated number would be generated. Those results were then correlated with the financial reports of each CEOs Corporation and that 80% of those CEOs whose profits have doubled within the past five years also had above average intuition that was utilized.

Why is all this important? Because we have the ability to learn how to use our intuition on a daily basis, in every aspect of our lives, and more specifically, in our businesses to achieve financial stability.


What you should get out of the programs:

All of the missing puzzle pieces for your life!

  • How to magnetically attract your soul mate
  • To determine the right career path for you
  • The simple PROCESS to intuitively get answers for any of life’s challenges
  • Determine the path to obtain financial security
  • How to identify the right relationships for you in business and personally
  • The ability to proactively recognize a situation and accurately make key critical decisions
  • Powerful Inspiration and Creativity to solve any of your daily challenges
  • A better night’s sleep due to sound decision-making throughout each and every day

Transform your life and ENROLL today!

Everyday Intuition Program

Everyday Intuition Program, intended for everyone, teaches you how to:

  • Guided meditations and exercises
  • Various ways to ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Intuitive Definitions and language
  • What frequency am I on?
  • Initiate a library of symbols
  • Making first contact with spirit
  • Removing blocks
  • Learning to work with energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with your main guides

View the Everyday Intuition Program page for more information

Deep Soul Transformation Program

Deep Soul Transformation Program, intended for individuals, teaches you how to:

  • Master breath work via guided meditations and exercises
  • Ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Frequencies and planes of existence
  • Build a library of symbols
  • Make contact with spirit
  • Remove blocks and open energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with ALL of your guides
  • Clear yourself, your home or a business space

View the Deep Soul Transformation Program page for more information

Sacred Intent™

Sacred Intent™, intended for professionals, teaches you how to develop:


  • Master breath work via guided meditations and exercises
  • Ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Intuitive definitions and language
  • Build a library of symbols
  • Make contact with spirit
  • Remove blocks and open energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with ALL of your guides
  • Clear yourself, your home or a business space
  • Open and balance chakras
  • Run energy
  • Astral and etheric bodies
  • Auras as another source for communication
  • Identify spirits, spirit shift, and negative spirit removal
  • Types of Spirit Circles – Home Mediumship Practice Circle
  • Platform Mediumship
  • Code of ethics


  • Grounding
  • Energy recall
  • Sixth chakra – Neutrality
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Creation and release – Thought Forms
  • Learning to read
  • Building a viewing screen

Positive Affirmation

  • Learn inner truths
  • The Gap – Avoidance or reappraisal
  • Target subconscious beliefs
  • Create and develop

Crystal Energy Therapy

  • Intuitively choosing stones
  • Properties of stones
  • Matrix and grid layouts
  • Clearing stones

View the Sacred Intent™ page for more information

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