Laura has a way of painting a picture that takes you to another place and makes you feel that your loved ones are right there with you. She saw my father and grandfather, along with my family’s ancient calligraphy book. My grandfather was a famous calligrapher in China and he showed her all of the scrolls he had in a particular room. He also shared some of the specific brush strokes that he was known. The very particular way and order in which the strokes had to occur, according to his training. A photo of his family and some examples of his work were in the book that was passed down to me by my father. I was supposed to keep up the family tradition of calligraphy and have not. Both my grandfather and father made sure to remind me of this through Laura. She indicated the color of the book and even explained some of the pages within the book she had never seen! Laura has developed her intuition to beyond a master level and has taught me to trust my intuition through her Deep Soul Personal Transformation Program. I have recommended the program to numerous friends and colleagues. You will not find a better teacher!
– Cheng Z., Xian, China

The Sacred Intent Program has changed my life! No exaggeration! I have been a professional in this field for many years and was not aware of “what I did not know.” Laura made the process seem very easy for all of us, even though you may doubt yourself along the way, stick with it because she will not let you down. She helps you get through any and all challenges that you may face, and believe me, you will! I have so much more to share with my clients and in my own life. Thank you for all of your guidance and knowledge, I appreciate the light you bring to the world!
– Sophia M., Toronto, Canada

I have always known things before they were going to happen. By using the Everyday Intuition Program that Laura offers, I found out that I was right! I do know what is going to happen before it happens and it has helped me make more accurate decisions. My sales went through the roof and I was attracting so many new clients that I had to hire another assistant! This program helped me with business and more importantly my personal relationships. You will not be disappointed by any aspect of this program. I now have the finances to actually take a vacation due to the increase in my sales! I am so happy that I took this course and now recommend it to every one!
– Ashley J., Orlando, FL

Increase your client list and increase your bank account with the Everyday Intuition Program! I know that the point of the program is to teach you to how to develop and use your intuition, but it did! These financial aspects are a result of making more accurate decisions, intuitively calculating risk, developing better relationships (business and family) and attracting the right people (for me-clients) into your life. My sales tripled in one year! I had no idea how this was supposed to help me, but it did and now I will be enrolling into the Deep Soul Personal Transformation Program. Thank you for sharing your insight and making such a financial difference for my business!
– Robert S., Chicago, IL

I never write into websites, but I really want everyone to know how much these programs have changes my life! I took the Everyday Intuition Program thinking I would get a few nuggets of wisdom out of it. Boy, was I wrong! It was so insightful and the process was so clear, I learned so much about my intuition and how to use it much more effectively. So much so, that I immediately enrolled in the Deep Soul Personal Transformation Program. Wow! Just when you think you can’t possibly learn anymore. I highly recommend anything that Laura has to offer, which is not a usual type of blanket statement that I make. It is true, you will absolutely be changed forever! Your whole life, every aspect will be taken to the next level and then some. I am living in the daily flow of things now instead of fighting against them, what a change. I make such rapid and accurate decisions that my friends are asking me what has changed. It is spectacular! I cannot say enough positive things about Laura and the programs she offers!
– Gina M., Denver, Colorado

Laura immediately goes right to the heart of the situation (zero’s in on it) to provide clarity and then through communication of all of the details, works her way back out to the solution, which completes the circle to resolve the challenges of the current situation. Having been exposed to mediums most of my adult life, she was able to communicate with loved ones that have never come through before.
– Rev. Connie G., Bahama, NC

I had a psychometry reading for a family heirloom, a ring. Laura had immediately got very detailed information regarding the 3 different people that contributed stones and gold to the ring. She even got very particular attributes of my mother-in-law’s physical appearance and especially her personality! Laura gets very accurate and personal information which is so great to hear from people that have passed and are in spirit.
– M. Wilson, Roxsboro, NC

Me and my boyfriend are the proud owners of three dogs, Nero, Winter and Einstein. We started having troubles with them acting out in various ways. We tried everything we could think of to modify their behavior. When they started using the bathroom in the house I knew I had to do something new. I sought out help from Laura. She told us that they don’t like to have their bowls moved around, which was upsetting to them and not be told why. So when I got home that day I told my boyfriend all about what Laura had said. So we chatted with each dog both individually and separate, yes we felt silly but at that point we were willing to try anything. Best part IT WORKED! She also had not met the dogs but somehow knew that they liked to wear something on their head that was yellow. It was a yellow sunflower costume that went around their necks and we had just taken pictures with them in it. Good to know they like it!
– Allie F., Raleigh, NC

Laura got very clear and accurate details of my horse over the phone before she even met us. She also “saw” which leg and where it was hurt on the phone. For the past 2 years through numerous x-rays, tests and various doctors, I still had no results after 2 years. When Laura arrived and started reading for the horse, she immediately told me what to have the doctor check for and she was right! She also worked with me and my husband with intuitive counseling. She has read for me as a psychic medium, which was extremely detailed and she knew things she could not have possibly known. Every facet of her work with animals and people is astonishing, detailed and accurate and more importantly life changing!
– Jill P., Ocala, FL

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