Sacred Intent®

Transformation Tools for Professionals

Are you intuitive and want to become the go-to-expert? Do you have a heart centered desire to be a vessel to help others through challenging life and death situations? Then, the Sacred Intent®; is the vehicle for you to make a positive impact in your community and globally.

The Sacred Intent® offers professionals the framework and guidance via learning modules, for those who wish to develop their intuition in service of themselves and others, as an expert in their field.

Each Program starts with the Top 1% Program and continues your development within the specific program.

Sacred Intent®, intended for professionals, teaches you how to develop:


  • Master breath work via guided meditations and exercises
  • Ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Intuitive definitions and language
  • Build a library of symbols
  • Make contact with spirit
  • Remove blocks and open energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with ALL of your guides
  • Clear yourself, your home or a business space
  • Open and balance chakras
  • Run energy
  • Astral and etheric bodies
  • Auras as another source for communication
  • Identify spirits, spirit shift, and negative spirit removal
  • Types of Spirit Circles – Home Mediumship Practice Circle
  • Platform Mediumship
  • Code of ethics


  • Grounding
  • Energy recall
  • Sixth chakra – Neutrality
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Creation and release – Thought Forms
  • Learning to read
  • Building a viewing screen

Positive Affirmation

  • Learn inner truths
  • The Gap – Avoidance or reappraisal
  • Target subconscious beliefs
  • Create and develop

Crystal Energy Therapy

  • Intuitively choosing stones
  • Properties of stones
  • Matrix and grid layouts
  • Clearing stones

Yes, I want to sharpen my skills!

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