The Fundamentals Program

Coming Soon !!! The Fundamentals Program will be a tool to elicit a tidal mind-set change for your success for all facets life.



This program will be launched in early 2019, so I can be fully available while you are on your journey in these programs. This is an intensive program for the fully committed individuals and you should allow yourself approximately 6 months to complete this program. This program will be offered in an on-line learning environment, complete with exercises to enhance your holistic learning experience. There will be an opportunity for bonus learning engagements with me personally. This makes this program unique in that I can tune in with participants to help guide them through the information or communication that they are receiving to validate what they have been given. The simple steps, the mindset, and the process in the Fundamentals Program to become the Top 1% in all facets of your life!


These are the Modules for the Fundamentals Program:




A.      Background

B.      Be successful like MJ and J Lo


Module 1 – Intuition – Nuts and Bolts

Module 2 – Breathwork, the How and Meditation

Module 3 – Removing the Cobwebs

Module 4 – Intuition Case Studies

Module 5 – Intuition Financial Impacts

Module 6 – How to Change Core Beliefs

Module 7 – Excel in Your Career

Module 8 – Relationships

Module 9 – Sharpening the Sword



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