Sacred Intent® Program

The Fundamentals,Everyday Intuition, and Deep Soul Transformation Programs are all required for you to be successful in the Deep Soul Transformation Programs. This program should take approximately 3 years to complete for optimal learning. This program is a certification program for those who wish to be in service of others and may want to become part of the trainers for the other programs.


Sacred Intent® Program, intended for professionals, teaches you how to develop:


  • Master breath work via guided meditations and exercises
  • Ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Intuitive definitions and language
  • Build a library of symbols
  • Make contact with spirit
  • Remove blocks and open energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with ALL of your guides
  • Clear yourself, your home or a business space
  • Open and balance chakras
  • Run energy
  • Astral and etheric bodies
  • Auras as another source for communication
  • Identify spirits, spirit shift, and negative spirit removal
  • Types of Spirit Circles – Home Mediumship Practice Circle
  • Platform Mediumship
  • Code of ethics


  • Grounding
  • Energy recall
  • Sixth chakra – Neutrality
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Creation and release – Thought Forms
  • Learning to read
  • Building a viewing screen

Positive Affirmation

  • Learn inner truths
  • The Gap – Avoidance or reappraisal
  • Target subconscious beliefs
  • Create and develop

Crystal Energy Therapy

  • Intuitively choosing stones
  • Properties of stones
  • Matrix and grid layouts
  • Clearing stones

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