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Do you have an upcoming event or group that may need a speaker? Maybe you are an organization and want to foster employee engagement or have a sales team that may need some insight on growing their client lists or increasing sales. I share the PROCESS of HOW to develop a new way of thinking, which is your mindset of concrete belief and intuition. As we cultivate this mindset together, it will be apparent that this is the “process” or “mindset” of the Top 1%. There are many fantastic programs that teach you what to learn and some tools to help you get there. I have traveled all over the world, across Europe, India, Latin America, Canada and all over the US; seeking enlightenment through many courses, workshops, classes and teachers, and has found that there is a unifying thread running through all of these modalities. This thread, is the actual PROCESS of developing one’s intuition. However, I was unable to find anyone one teaching the PROCESS of HOW to develop your mindset and intuition.

We can have an initial discussion, to decide on the strategy, alignment, your group’s challenges, and a clear path to reach your goals.

Request Laura Michelle to speak at your event!

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