Everyday Intuition Program

Learn to successfully navigate your daily life – Relationships, Work, & Finances

Would you like to attract the people and the tools to be more successful at work, and in your relationships? Gain insight and a better understanding of how to proactively anticipate your boss and colleagues actions before they occur. If you are in sales, learning how to identify with your clients to successfully, and efficiently navigate to the close. These tools also translate to your personal relationships, and heighten your intuition to make better financial decisions.

Each Program starts with the Top 1% Program and continues your development within the specific program.

Everyday Intuition Program, intended for everyone, teaches you how to:

  • Guided meditations and exercises
  • Various ways to ground, cleanse and protect yourself
  • Clair baseline assessment
  • Intuitive Definitions and language
  • What frequency am I on?
  • Initiate a library of symbols
  • Making first contact with spirit
  • Removing blocks
  • Learning to work with energy centers
  • Meet and establish communication with your main guides

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